Hey! I'm Chris Nagy

I've had a passion for technology ever since I was a kid. My current focus is on Cloud Computing & DevOps.

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πŸ“ Bio

I love making things work in a reliable, seamless and intuitive way.

I have a passion for all things that run on electricity. Batteries, electric vehicles, solar panels, computers, phones and the thing that ties it all together; code. I’ve worked as a Junior SysAdmin for a year and a half but had a bunch of other, completely unrelated jobs as well. I believe having experience in different fields can offer a better understanding and broader vision in all areas of life. I’m focusing on the Cloud at the moment and actively learning as much as I can about it & it’s surrounding topics such as DevOps, security, scalability and reliability.

I am goal oriented and have a "can-do" attitude. My ability to troubleshoot and solve problems both for professional and personal projects has helped me tremendously throughout the years. I pay very close attention to detail and nuances in order to create products that leave customers with a smile on their face.

Full Name: Krisztian Nagy

Current location: Bavaria, Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Relocation: Preferred/Possible

πŸ™πŸ» Proud Moments

πŸ—‚ Work Experience

Jr. Sysadmin & IT Help Desk - Oestreicher + Wagner GmbH

πŸ“ Germany - Munich

My very first role in the IT industry. I gained tremendous amounts of experience working as part of the internal IT team for a prestigeous Marketing company in one of the hub cities of Germany. This opportunity not only solidified my passion for technology, but also helped me realize one of my core values: taking pride in the work I do and striving for doing my absolute best when it comes to making systems, figuring out solutions and realizing ideas.

2016 - 2017

Teacher - Teach English Kids

πŸ“ China - Zhuhai

I originally decided to take a year off and travel this big blue earth. Shortly after the start of my journey I was presented with an opportunity to teach english as a foreign language to children in China. While it was not easy to settle into such a different culture, I am very happy with the experiences and knowledge that I got to collect along the way. I got to learn how to communicate effectively even with high language barriers, and how to teach & convey information that is understandable even for children.

2017 - 2019

πŸ“š Education

AWS Solutions Architect Associate - Amazon Web Services

βœ… Validation ID: 6P605E6K3ER4165D


System Integrations - StΓ€dtische Berufsschule fΓΌr Informationstechnik

πŸ“ Germany - Munich

My studies included basic programming, computer networking and [business] organizational classes.

2016 - 2017

High School Diploma - Berzeviczy Gergely Secondary High School

πŸ“ Hungary

2011 - 2016

βœ… Skills

- AWS | EC2, Lambda, IAM, CloudFront, Route53, S3, DynamoDB, RDS
- IaC | CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible
- Linux & MacOS Administration
- CI/CD & Automation | GitHub Actions, AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins
- Basic Docker & Kubernetes experience
- Proficiency in writing Bash and Python scripts
- Solid understanding of subnets, routing, load balancing, DNS, firewals, TCP/IP and APIs
- SQL and NoSQL experience | DynamoDB, RDS, MySQL, MongoDB
- Ability and willingness to write documentation and FAQs
- Strong written and verbal communication skills | English, German, Hungarian
- Goal oriented with a high attention to detail & customer experience
- Ability to troubleshoot and fix issues I've never seen before


What cool things I'm up to

πŸ›΅ Motorcycling

I love riding motorcycles. The feeling of freedom - as you pull on the gas and the rumbling machine underneath you propels you forward - can not be compared to anything else. Yes, that's an actual photo of me.

πŸ“· Photography

Bought a camera when I was younger, hooked ever since. The ability to capture a single moment for eternity still baffles me today. That nature is an everchanging stillness, and eyes are indeed the windows to our souls.

πŸ₯Ύ Hiking

Heading out for the Alps for the day whenever I felt like it definitely helped getting me to like hiking. Seeing and walking through mountaintops takes my breath away at every step of the way.